IoT Dashboards

Kaa Business-ready dashboards to jumpstart your IoT project

What is an IoT dashboard?

An IoT dashboard is the user interface within an IoT platform that enables users to monitor and interact with connected devices though graphs, charts and other tools and UI elements. Dashboards allow you to manage every aspect of your connected devices as well as gain perspective on your environment through visualization of your device data.

Since IoT dashboards sit on top of the core functionality provided by an IoT platform, users can easily customize their dashboards without causing any disruptions to device data processing. In addition to using dashboards, they can also send IoT data to their own tools for graphical data representation, reporting, analytics, CRM, etc. In Kaa, we help users to enjoy maximum freedom of where and how to visualize their data:

  • Design custom IoT dashboards using our extensive library of widgets
  • Manage user access and editing rights
  • Integrated Open Distro dashboards enable advanced IoT analytics visualization, analytics rules, and smart alerts
  • Pre-configured IoT dashboard templates for select IoT use cases
  • Branding features let you adjust the color scheme, add your logo, and tweak other UI elements

What can IoT dashboards do for you?

Kaa’s highly customizable dashboards get all your key metrics in front of you, whether you need a simple application for remote device monitoring or a commercial IoT solution that involves tracking and analyzing thousands of devices:

  • Visualize device telemetry
  • Collect binary and other data
  • Track device status and location
  • Provision new devices
  • Manage device configs and credentials
  • Dispatch commands
  • Run over-the-air software updates
  • Analyze device data
  • Set up smart alerts

Business-ready dashboards for select IoT use cases

How to get started

  • 01
    Create a free Kaa Cloud account
  • 02
    Check out our IoT dashboard live demo
  • 03
    Connect your first device to send data or use a device simulator
  • 04
    Choose one of the available IoT dashboard templates in Kaa and load them into your solution
  • 05
    Play around with the dashboard, explore its functions and configurations
  • 06
    Customize your dashboard to fit your exact needs, change colors and branding
  • 07
    Add more widgets to your dashboard in Kaa
  • 08
    Use our direct help chat in the Kaa Cloud to ask questions
  • 09
    Refer to our Kaa Cloud tutorials to learn about some advanced options

Explore our ready-to-go IoT Dashboards

Explore our ready-to-go IoT Dashboards